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Something you should know about me if we are to be friends is that I am very hard on myself if I can’t do something.  Also, I almost never ask for help.  It’s been something I’ve struggled with for a long time.  Most of the time I don’t even try doing something for fear of failure.  That being said, my daughter’s last birthday broke me.  I’m only half-joking.

My daughter turned 4 in May and for some reason (I’m a nutcase) I had to have a party at my house and diy every aspect I could.  I don’t know what this need to do everything myself comes from.  I’m sure some deep-rooted thing from my childhood.  Anyway, I ask my daughter what kind of party she wants and she says dinosaurs!  Ok, dinosaurs, that doesn’t seem too hard.  I ran over to my favorite place on the internet- Pinterest-they had plenty of amazing and adorable and seemingly doable ideas.

I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time looking things up and doing “research” for this party-it pretty much consumed my life for a while there.  Like I said, embarrassing.

First, I wanted to sew her a dress.  I’ve never really done a real dress before so this was quite an undertaking.  I have my husband’s grandmothers old Singer sewing machine and I was pretty impressed with myself that I got it working.  Since moving here (over a year ago) there a few things we have yet to find-one of them is the sewing machine’s manual and all the accessories that come with it.  I was left with one needle and a few spools to do this dress with.  Old sewing machines, if you are unaware, don’t come with any of the fancy programmed stitches.  The process was hard and I was working on it up until the day before her party.  I cried while doing that dress more times than I could count!  Also, embarrassing.  But we’re all friends here right?  I ended up having her wear the dress even though I didn’t really finish it.

20160509_120552 finisheddress

I also decided I was going to make a few things to go in the goodie bags, like dinosaur spike socks and plush felt dinosaurs.  This took forever and of course I didn’t think they were perfect so I was upset with them.

dinosocks feltdino


Then came the tables.  I got crepe paper streamers from the dollar store and cut each piece and taped it up on the wall for the “sky”.  I made some wall flowers out of tissue paper to help even out the top and make it look “clean”.  Cut out some cloud shapes from some white paper I had and using the finished roll of some wrapping paper I cut out a shape of a volcano (sorta) and used construction paper for the lava.  Then since I’m obsessed with chalkboards-I used ones from our wedding and had my mom write out the food items on them-shout out to mom!


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The cake.  A sore spot to this day.  I had such high hopes for this when I was planning it.  It was going to be two tiers and have fondant covering the outside and I was going to make dinosaurs out of rice cereal and be like this amazing thing.  After HOURS and HOURS of every single possible problem coming up while making it-this is what we ended up with.  A tree stump.  My mom and I spent the entire night trying to make it work and it just didn’t.  The only saving grace to me was that I thought it tasted pretty fantastic.  Don’t tell me if it didn’t, let me just think it!


lets pretend the bathroom isn’t right there ok?


The whole point to all of this rambling is that I tried to be perfect.  All that planning and all the lost sleep and stress to what end? I tried to show people that I could do it all and it blew up in my face.  The important part was that my daughter whom this was all for-loved it.  She still talks about how great everything was-even the cake!  And that’s the real reason I did all of that to begin with.  She didn’t see all the problems and imperfections and I think she knew I did it all because I love her.  I want people to see that if you want to do and try something new-do it!  Don’t take everything so seriously, it’s not the end of the world if things don’t go according to plan.  Most of the time you’re your own worst enemy and see the things that other people didn’t even take a second glance at.  Just try your best and  if people don’t like it well you know where they can go.

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