Quick Card For Teacher’s Birthday

My daughter’s teacher’s birthday was today and we were asked to sit down with our kids and make a nice card for her. I knew that probably meant “can you not send in the typical scribble your kid usually does” and make something “pretty”.  I usually don’t do too many directed art projects with her because I believe it’s in the process not the product but I think every once in a while is alright.  I took to Pinterest to see if there were any fast crafts we could do before school.  I forgot to save the pin for this but I pretty much took her idea of the dandelion and the “make a wish” wording and instead of doing fingerprints like she did, I got some q-tips and she made the dots that way.  Before she made the paint dots, I asked her what message she wanted in the card and she signed her name.  Luckily I asked her to do it before because it barely had time to dry before we had to head out the door to school!

teachercard1 teachercard2 teachercard3 teachercard4


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