Never Too Early To Talk Halloween Candy, Is It?

Now that Labor day is over and my daughters in school, I can really start thinking about the fall.  For me really, there is no “too early” when it comes to fall.  Before moving to North Carolina last year, we had been in Florida for 8 years, so you know, we were jonesing for some seasons!  We’re originally from New York and miss the season change the most and this will be our second autumn in North Carolina and I’m just so impatient to get it started.

Lets get a little ahead of ourselves shall we?  I’ve always watched what my kids eat in terms of organic and especially if it had food coloring.  I use to be a little more lenient around Halloween because I didn’t want to be “that parent”.  As my oldest is getting older there has been more and more opportunities for her to have “treats”.  Birthday parties, holidays, school, visiting family members all bring these things.  So, she gets a lot of non-mommy approved foods it seems.  Here are a list of organic treats and candy for when you want your kids to be able to have some sweets but you can feel maybe like 1% better about it.  Here are some taste tested brands that my daughter (and I) enjoy!  I included some affiliated links in case you wanted to snatch these up (I make a commission for purchases made through the following links.)

  • OCHO Organic Candy Bars
  • Surf Sweets
  • Yum Earth
  • Annie’s
  • Black Forest

Also, don’t feel like you have to hand out candy.  I mean sure the kids that come to your house will probably curse you under their breaths but they will get PLENTY of sweets so a few other cute things in their treat bags won’t hurt them.  Besides, there are plenty of children that have allergies that will appreciate having something in their bag that their parents don’t have to check first.

  • Straws – I like these because each straw is individually wrapped
  • Fun Band-aids (if you’re a mom you know how kids love bandaids)
  • Stickers
  • Bubbles
  • Glow Sticks

What are your go to Halloween treats?

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