DIY Fall Mason Jar Decor

My two most favorite things: fall and mason jars.  I’m obsessed with mason jars.  I would have them lining the walls of my house if I could!  Alas, I’m not “allowed” to do that so I try to interject them into my home wherever I can.


I have a lot of mason jars but I use them mostly for storage or as drinking/eating vessels.  When I decided I wanted to make this craft I headed to the dollar store.  The jars they have are unmarked and smooth (unlike the name brand jars) which I thought were great for this project.


One of my kids screamed all the way through the dollar store so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hit another store that day.  Thankfully, I had leftover acrylic paint from a different project and managed to find a foam brush-score!  It pays to be a pack rat sometimes!



I did just two coats on the outside of the jar-I probably should have done more but I’m on a time crunch usually and I’m impatient!



I used these reusable stencils that I found on clearance at Target so I just did my best and used a q-tip to fill it in.  I think it’s “rustic”.



Had this raffia ribbon that I used to tie around the top and got the flowers during that dollar store run.


Our mantle is a little filled already so I’m looking for another spot for these cute jars.


I was thinking of maybe making “BOO!” on the back where I could switch them around when I felt like it.  Hmm…what would you do?

Such an easy craft and done in about an hour!

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