DIY Plywood Sign

I love wood signs of all shapes and sizes and fonts and colors..etc you get it I like signs.  I’ve been dying to make my own for a while now and I finally got to it.  I didn’t have any of the supplies or time to do what I really wanted so I just did what I could.  Our upstairs kids/guest bathroom is in dire need of some kind of makeover but until we can do that I figured I could give it a sprucing by just adding some kind of wall art.  Enter this sign.

I went to Lowes and looked for the cheapest piece of wood I could oh and I had my kids who as per usual were in no mood to browse.  I found this 2 x 2 piece of plywood for about $3.50 and thought why not-if it doesn’t work out I at least didn’t spend too much.


Got it home and tried to scrounge up some other supplies to make this sign happen.  Luckily I still had some white acrylic paint that I’ve been using for everything lately and I happened to have just bought a beautiful blue/green sea color from target for a dollar!  The board I got had a little cherry hue to it that I didn’t want for that room so I made my own white wash.  I got a paper cup and put maybe 5 drops of the white paint in it and added a little water till I got it to a consistency that I liked.


I only wanted to cover it up a little and get the red out so I didn’t go crazy.  It dried very quickly which is great when you have no time to wait and are so impatient like me!  I used my reusable stencils and tried coming up with an expression that I knew I wouldn’t get sick of.  I remembered seeing on pinterest or etsy signs with “so fresh and so clean clean” on it and knew I HAD to have it.  I arranged the letters a few different ways until I thought they were in a pretty good spot and I used a pencil to lightly sketch out the words.


I had a teeny tiny paintbrush and used that to fill in the words.  When I do this again I will definitely slow down and maybe measure where the words go so I don’t end up with some uneven words (like I did here).


I would have had this project done and hanging up in one day but I had nothing to hang it with.  After a few days and a trip to get some command strips I finally put up the sign.

6hangingstrips 7backofboard 9fullpicture8onwallfinished

I love how fast and easy this was.  The only thing I’m disappointed in is the lack of total bathroom transformation that I thought would happen once I put the sign up haha.  Lots to do in that bathroom but I guess one thing is done so yay!  There are about a thousand things that are “wrong” with this sign-but I did it and did it cheap!  And I love it!

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