DIY Fall Wreath




Here’s a fast wreath that I did for our front door.  I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get any wreath done so I kinda slapped this together so that I would have SOMETHING up for the first day of fall.  So, yes I actually have had this up on my door for a little whiles and just getting to posting about it-oops!!


I got this wreath on sale at Joanns last year-and it was totally worth the maybe $8.00 I spent on it because I have used it for almost every holiday in some way.

I got a package of glittery fake fall leaves from the dollar store and thought maybe I could just combine the two in some way that will look ok.


I thought it did look pretty ok considering I wasn’t willing to put too much work into it-also the glitter was getting EVERYWHERE so I was pretty much done with it.  I saw how it looked from the street and I just thought meh.  It didn’t really stand out in anyway.


I added our letter that I painted last year and also added this chalkboard pumpkin with the word “fall” on it.  Scored that pumpkin in the clearance section last year after Halloween.  After looking at it for a little while I thought it looked too busy-still not sure!


How it stands right now-took the pumpkin down and left like this.  I have some other things I may add to it.  I think this will be a work in progress as the fall goes on!

edit: 9/28 I already changed around the wreath because I just wasn’t happy with it!


I had this chevron ribbon that I quickly and I do mean quickly fashioned into a bow and literally used scotch tape to just hold it together-I also had some scraps of orange tulle and wrapped it around the middle to somewhat connect it to fall and the “G”. I also found these pine cones and random orange flowers in my fall decorations and stuck it with those same dollar store leaves.  I’m really loving how quirky it is with the non matching bow!  I can’t believe that I threw this together in no time and really just using scotch tape for the bow and “G”.  We’ll see how long this all lasts!

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