Transform a Dollar Store Pumpkin


I’ve seen a lot of amazing projects using dollar store pumpkins.  I got one last week to see what fast project I could come up with.  My husband I didn’t want to spend too much and this ended up costing only $3.00!



Grabbed one of these pumpkins from dollar tree not knowing what I was going to do with it.


I also grabbed this witch headband because I’m going to actually use the headband part for my daughters Halloween costume.  For some reason when I got home I just put the headband on the pumpkin and I thought it was so cute!


After fooling with it for a few minutes I thought it was cute enough and was done.


I found these rub on transfer letters that I bought from the dollar spot at Target a few weeks ago and thought maybe they’d transfer onto the Styrofoam pumpkin.  I had no idea what else I was going to do with them so I figured I’d just do it and see. dsp5

I cut out the letters I needed.  I decided on “Happy Fall” but kinda wish I would have brainstormed that a bit and come up with something better.


Placed the first letter with one hand and rubbed with a stick that came with the package I transferred the letter on.


It worked!


Kinda wonky but still cute!!


It’s a cute addition to my little fall display I have on my counter.  This is one of the only places in the house I can put anything because -kids.  I think I’ll make a post about the other things I have on my counter-but that can only happen when I clean the other crap off the counter so I can take pictures!  Don’t hold your breathe on that one!


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