4 Fun Fall Activities for Kids



I only get a small time with my daughter on weekdays while my youngest naps to do activities that are just for us.  It’s hard to get anything done when my youngest is awake and wreaking havoc all over the house.  Since October is quickly leaving us (sniff, sniff) I figured I better get in some crafting while I can!  I didn’t want to waste much time so I found things I already had around the house and turned them into some fun activities.

I also want to say that I don’t make my daughter do anything.  I suggest projects and show her things and it’s up to her if she wants to do it.  I would love to show you beautiful projects where everything is perfect but that’s not reality-not for us anyway.  Her attention span is that of an average 4 yr old and her skills as well.  She creates for as long or as short as she wants.  It’s about the process not the predetermined outcome.  You want your kids to enjoy what they’re doing not grow to hate it because you micromanaged them to death.  Ok-I’m stepping off my soapbox now!

Cupcake Liner Ghosts


I had these cupcake wrappers that I saved-they were the liners of the foil wrappers and I’ve just never been sure what you’re suppose to do with them. Do you keep them in?  Can you use them separately? Ahh, guess I’ll never know so might as well use them for some kid projects!


We decided on making a little ghost scene.


My girl usually goes sans pants so I got lucky today.


Also got a little fine motor action going by having her squeeze the glue bottle herself.


Glued those ghosties down.  This ghost reminds me of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin!


Lovely ghost scene–the “normal” faced ghost is mine!

Tissue Paper Ghost


I have a ton of white tissue paper left over from my daughters 4th birthday party so I grabbed some and cut up some random squares.


I have little to no drawing ability so here is my attempt at a ghost-sorta looks like one of the pac man ghosts.  I used chalk and my daughter added the facial features and hair-because duh.


Again, using some fine motor skills she rolled and scrunched up the paper into balls and used a glue stick to stick them on.


Pretty fast and simple and you could always then cut this out of the paper and hang it somewhere so its floating like a ghost!  Next time I’ll use a paper plate or card stock so its more sturdy.

Fall Tree


I just drew a tree with no leaves on it and told her she could fill in the leaves with the fall colored paints.


My daughter loves to paint and spent a good amount of time doing this.  She even noticed that the yellow started looking green-and I was like wow probably from the yellow paint sitting on top of the blue paper!  I was genuinely surprised haha.


I didn’t wait for it to dry!

Ghost/Mummy/Fall Goop


 This last activity is more of a sensory activity then a craft.  Mixing shaving cream and baking soda together you can get different types of goop.  Depending on how much of each you put you can end up having a mold-able dough.


The expanding fluffiness of shaving cream is just so fun and makes you want to jump in it!


Next time I’ll definitely use a bigger container.


After my daughter was getting finished using the shaving cream/baking soda mixture I thought it would be fun to do some color mixing.



I added the rest of the baking soda to get more of that mold-able consistency.


Once she was getting over that, we added one more thing-vinegar!


Who doesn’t love some science!

I hope you enjoy your children with some of the easy and fast activities-of course the worst part is the clean up!


  1. amy says:

    My lil one would get a kick out of doing some of these. I may have to go borrow some coffee filters from my dad so she can make some oversize ghosts

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