School Fall Party

Since we’re still new to town and I’m on a mission to “put myself out there”, I thought I’d push past my social anxiety and I thought a good way to do that was to sign up to be room parent for my 4 yr old daughters class.  I thought there would be no way I could not meet anyone.  I signed up at open house and only saw maybe one other name for her class.  All summer passed and school had started and I didn’t hear anything about it.  A few more days into school and I get an email from the room mom.  Bummer.  I thought “well that sucks for me” but really I think it was a good thing.  My 17 month old son really does not allow me to do anything.  Yes, allow.  It’s getting better but I’m not an organized person by nature plus the fact that I swear each kid has taken 1/3 of my brain with them from birth-makes for probably not the best choice for room parent.  I did volunteer to help with the fall party though.  Her school doesn’t celebrate any holidays per say but they have fall celebrations and winter celebrations. They needed “fun fall decorations” for the party and I said I’d get them.  My first choice the dollar store was out of everything!

decorI headed to michaels where everything is half off and got some leaves, garland, a shiny wide mesh ribbon? (I was going to use as a table runner) and a scarecrow.


Also, I had a “brilliant” idea to collect pinecones with the family and somehow use them for the party.  I lined some baking sheets with aluminum foil and baked them for about 20 mins on 400 degrees.  This was to get all the yuckiness out of them.


I found this glitter paint in my stash and my daughter and I painted the edges of the pinecones.


They were pretty but I felt like they needed something else.


I saw some yarn wrapped pinecones on pinterest and gave it a try.  I had a yellow yarn and a cool fall colored yarn with pom poms on it.  My daughter did one and lost interest.


Found this fallen tree branch on my front lawn and made a mobile.


Hung the pinecones from the branch.


I kept the yarn long on top because I wasn’t sure if it would fit in the classroom and if I had to adjust the length.  But this is the finished product-besides the fact that one of the other moms thought it was a project that the kids did…it served it’s purpose.  It was a fall decoration that was put up in the room for the party.  I did notice it was promptly taken down after the party.


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