DIY Turkey Shirt

I actually had planned to post about Halloween but then so much time passed that I’ve moved on to Thanksgiving!  I think maybe I’ll go back and post about the kids costumes in December haha.



Even though Thanksgiving is still a little less than a week away we will be leaving tomorrow to spend the week with our family in Florida.  So, for me, today is pretty last-minute to decide on making shirts for my kids for Thanksgiving.  But such is me.  Granted, I had thought about it for the past week but didn’t get things together until this morning.  I thought (like I do) that I must have some things around the house that I can slap together to do this.  Turned out I did!





I had two white shirts that are ill-fitting and stained anyway so why not try to do something with them?



I had a bunch of different felt and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it yet.  I didn’t have any “traditional” Thanksgiving colors in my stash.  But I decided I was going to make some kind of turkey on both shirts.  I also had a brown felt leftover from my daughters first Halloween when I made her a cupcake.



I literally looked around my kitchen to find something I could use to make the turkey body.  I’m not that good at free handing shapes especially circles.  I had a scrap piece of construction paper and I used a top to a sugar container and a top to a sweet tea I had a couple of days ago.  These things were on their way to the recycling bin.



I used the template I made and traced it on the felt.



I free hand drew some turkey feather shapes onto another scrap construction paper and placed them until I found the shape and size I thought worked well.  I actually didn’t go with this shape-I ended up making a longer one.  Used the feather template on the felt and cut them out.



I loved the psychedelic felt so I used that.  I wanted to put something like “I aint no jive turkey!” on it but I didn’t want to ruin it!  I had some orange ribbon and a pink felt that I used for the beak, legs and whatever you call that hangy thing.  I used a sharpie to make the eyes but I’m still looking around my house for some googly eyes or fun buttons to put on for eyes.

I feel like it’s another successful thrown together hot mess!  Oh, and I literally Elmer glued this on so I hope it lasts till Thursday!!


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